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Saturday, June 26, 2010

[Day One] I'm in a little jam

Today when I was making [Rhubarb] jam with my Oma[grandma] I decided I was going to start a blog about my [changing] life.

I was recently laid off [Yes- I live in Michigan] and I will be nanny-ing this summer as well as preparing for my wedding. So I thought I'd record what I [hope to] get done!

I have a long laundry list of things to do with all my [free] time this summer. I hope to keep track of them here.

I picked hope-always-floats because my [soon to be retired] last name sometimes gets pronounced as hope-floats. I also think the hope and always incorporate my beliefs in the LORD [Jesus Christ} and the fact that my hope [and faith] in God gets me through even the deepest waters.


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