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Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome [Summer]

... you don't need to tell me summer is almost over, I know...

But here is a summer wreath I made this week. It was obviously *super easy* to make!

[I got these push pins at a dollar store]

[Felt I had in summery colors]

[I used different size circles to cut out felt.
I used the inside and outside circles of the canning lid]

[I cut leaves out of green felt, I just eyeballed it]

[Layered circles] [Add leaves] [Glued on to wreath with HOT glue gun]

[Added "welcome" paper]
To make the "welcome" sign, I cut out letters using my Cricut, glue them on a piece of scrapbook paper, then spray-painted them with clear glossy paint

Fun and Easy!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

you bring {JOY}

This week while babysitting/nannying I made some cards. I found the cutest little stamp at Joann's/Michael's... it says "you bring joy." I immediately had to get it!

Things that bring me {JOY}
* Jesus
* my husband
* crafting
* sending & receiving cards
* making food that people enjoy
* making someones day
* writing encouraging notes
* [any kind of] teaching
* sleeping
* rain on the tin roof of our apartment window
* cool autumn days
* being on the lake

What kind of things bring you {joy} ?

Make a list and post it on your wall to remind you!