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Saturday, September 3, 2011

[Michigan] Football Season

This week marks the beginning of college football around the country. Today is the University of Michigan home opener. My husband, my brother-in-law and myself are heading out to Ann Arbor today to watch the Wolverines take on the Western Michigan Broncos. To commemorate the beginning of football season I made my husband a "Go Blue!" surprise basket.

I stopped by Dollar Tree, Kroger, and Value World to pick up materials.
* Winged helmet- $0.30 from Value World [super score!]
* Candy - about $5 from Dollar Tree & Kroger
* Helmet & Football- die cuts
* "Go Blue" & Block M - I drew, then cut out
* Straws [to hold up cut outs] - I had in a draw at home

- I cut, colored, laminated then tapped images to straws
- Stuffed upside down helmet with newspaper
- Stuck in cut outs [taped to helmet]
- Drizzle in candy
- Ta-da!


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